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Omnivores? Yes. Omniscient? No. The eyes and ears of the savviest in our ranks help keep us in the know. Is there an experience we absolutely must know about? Kindly share.


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What is Underground Eats?

Underground Eats is the members-only site for the best alternative dining experiences. Our curators sort through thousands of food events and select only the best-of-the-best, giving our members access to top chefs, pop-up restaurants and one-night-only culinary adventures.

What is an "alternative dining experience?"

Anything beyond going to a restaurant and ordering off the menu like you have hundreds of times before. Special tasting menus, pop-up restaurants, secret supper clubs, private chef's tables all fall under the umbrella of an alternative dining experience.

What is your criteria for posting an event?

Before posting an event, we ask ourselves, "is this experience something we will still be talking about in a year or two?" We only post events that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Are you a deal-of-the day site?

We are not a deal-of-the-day site. We provide value to our members through curating the best alternative dining experiences, often not available anywhere else. However, we do scour the deal-of-the-day and flash-sale sites and if we find an event amongst the noise that we believe our members need to know about, and it meets our criteria, we will post it.

How did Underground Eats start?

Our foodist founders, tired of conventional restaurant dining, started seeking out more adventurous, boundary-pushing food events. They were surprised to learn that these types of events were going on all-around, from pop-up restaurants to supper clubs. The problem, however, was that no central location aggregated them all. Staying-up on what was going down required subscribing to dozens of newsletters, following hundreds of websites and navigating irrelevant spa discounts and lousy open-bar deals. Underground Eats solves this problem and offers a central platform where members can browse and buy tickets to the best and most exclusive alternative dining experiences.

Why is Underground Eats members-only?

Our members-only format allows us to maintain a discerning and tasteful community to match the high quality of our experiences, as well as ensure that we grow at a sensible and manageable rate. As there is a tremendous inherently social aspect to the alternative dining scene, we believe it is imperative that our members choose their fellow culinary connoisseurs wisely, as they may soon be their dining companions!

How do you find your experiences?

Our curators sort through thousands of websites, newsletters and private resources to aggregate the best-of-the-best.

When are you coming to my city?

Hopefully soon! Currently, we are only available in New York City, though we plan on expanding to other cities based on demand in the near future.

Can I cancel my tickets?

Because events are extremely limited in time and nature, tickets are often non-refundable, but occasionally transferable. Your Culinary Concierge would be happy to assist you in the event you cannot attend an event you purchased tickets to. Please contact us with your ticket info.

What if I have food allergies?

Unfortunately, as every experience is unique, the food allergy policy is as well. Depending on who the producer of the event is, there may be special allowances for food allergies. We list this info whenever possible, but please contact the producer of the event for more info.

If I have an event that I am producing, how can I get it listed on your website?

You can quickly and easily submit your event here. If it meets our criteria, we will happily post it. If you would like to discuss Underground Eats selling tickets for your event, be sure to make a note in your submission and someone will contact you shortly.

Do you put on your own events?

Indubitably! While we source the best events no matter who the producer is, we produce boundary-pushing, bespoke events both for our members. Look for the UG Exclusive banner on an event and check out our Latest Exploits.

If I want Underground Eats to throw a private or corporate bespoke dining event, how can I make that happen?

Shoot us a note at with any details you have and we will contact you shortly.

If my company is looking to sponsor or be a part of an event, how should I contact you?

Shoot us a note at with any details you have and we will contact you shortly.