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New York

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The Unholy Trinity

NYC welcomes prodigal son Pastry Chef Will Goldfarb for this epic dinner honoring The Unholy Trinity: Sugar, Fat & Booze.


We're all allowed to be a little gluttonous once in awhile. Especially when Pastry Chef Will Goldfarb comes to town.

Will Goldfarb is well-known in the culinary world as one of the most celebrated pastry chefs in the industry. He was among the first to successfully embrace the techniques of molecular gastronomy during the beginning stages of its trending popularity and is considered one of the greats when it comes to pastry innovation. In 2006 Goldfarb opened Room 4 Dessert in NYC which served edible dessert cocktails. He also invented WillPowder, a unique powder used to experiment and create various textures and flavors. These days, Goldfarb resides in Bali where he is pastry chef at KU DE TA and Mejekawi, both critically-acclaimed restaurants.

On September 10 Underground Eats is celebrating Chef Goldfarb's visit to his home state of New York with an exclusive dining event dedicated to the sweet, the savory, and the boozy. Sugar, fat, and alcohol- we all love it; we all know it's not good for us. Together, they make up The Unholy Trinity.

Chef Goldfarb will of course take on the Sugar while our good friend Chef David Santos will treat us with the savory and rich (a.k.a. Fat). Louro's mixologist Mayur Subbarao will take on the third guilty pleasure, Booze, with his inventive craft cocktails.

Join us for a special evening of decadence and gluttony as we welcome Chef Goldfarb's visit and honor The (delicious) Unholy Trinity.

Welcome Cocktail
Jimmie Roosevelt (frozen chartreuse bubbles, cognac, sparkling wine)

Foie Gras Pudding
pickled blueberries, sorrel, spiced oats
Cocktail: Vespucci (Madeira, Cocchi Americano, honey vinegar)

Uni Tempura
shiso, apple, bacon marmalade
Cocktail: Nao Trato (cachaça, Pedro Ximenez, lime, Velvet Falernum)

Truffle Ravioli
ricotta, duck egg

duck confit, peach BBQ sauce
Cocktail:Killing Time (tequila, Lillet, meyer lemon, cane, salt)

Suckling Pig
lime leaf, chili, turmeric, and lemongrass
Cocktail: Skookul Punch (Bonded Apple Brandy, Navy Rum, lime, orgeat, Peach Lambic

Frozen Lime Meringue
grilled peaches, steamed milk cake, Pernod gratin, tarragon and whey
Cocktail: Pearly Gates (gin, lime, mint, Pernod, lime foam)

Roast Fall Fruits
pig’s blood sablée and warm chocolate Chantilly
Cocktail: Jersey Quarter (rye whiskey, Bonded Apple Brandy, Benedictine, Yellow Chartreuse, Punt e Mes)

  • Will Goldfarb has been honored with accolades and praise from some of the world's most brilliant and successful chefs.
  • Mayur's specialty cocktails will undoubtedly keep spirits high at this one-night-only event.
  • Truffles, uni, suckling pig, foie gras, pig’s blood sablée, and booze- not a bad way to treat yourself on a Tuesday night.


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The Unholy Trinity

multi-course dinner with cocktail pairings (tax included, gratuity NOT included)

$125 / person

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Tue, Sep 10: 7:00pm - 9:00pm almost 3 years from now










Louro 142 West 10th Street, New York, NY
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