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New York

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Suite ThreeOhSix Supper Club: 7-Course Vegetarian Dinner

Seven-course tasting menu at TriBeCa's newest underground supper club.


Suite ThreeOhSix, the supper club and culinary academy, is the brainchild of young Daphne Cheng, who dropped out of UC Berkley to pursue culinary school in NYC. During her (only) two and a half years of professional cooking, she has had the opportunity to cook for celebrities, various non-profits, individuals, and businesses.

With her new venture Suite ThreeOhSix, Daphne hopes to share her love of food with culinary professionals, beginner chefs, and food enthusiasts alike by hosting Saturday night dinners with secret menus and a wide selection of cooking classes from knife skills to molecular gastronomy.

What makes Suite ThreeOhSix even more unique is that her supper club menus are typically vegan. However, Daphne is not advertising her supper club as an official vegan supper club, mostly because she feels a lot of people who are really into food are scared or turned off by the term. She wants to be known for her innovative “ethnically ambiguous” cuisine, not because it is entirely vegan, but because it simply tastes so damn delicious!

Menus remain a secret until it is placed in front of you at the table. Below is a sample five-course menu from a previous Suite ThreeOhSix dinner:

smoked carrot bisque + ginger corn creme + cilantro pesto + toasted buckwheat

shaved cucumber + julienned snap peas + shallot rings + ponzu vinaigrette

cornmeal-crusted oyster mushrooms + beet sofrito + smoked maple whipped cream + amaranth greens

sweet pea risotto + cucumber ribbons + pea tendrils + sumac spiced yogurt + chipotle oil

chocolate mezcal ice cream + balsamic raisin brownie + cardamom caramel sauce

  • Experience one of the most buzzed about supper clubs in NYC. (Suite ThreeOhSix was recently featured in WSJ!)
  • Discover the wonderful world of vegetables during Daphne's creative veggie-centric dinner.
  • Welcome Suite ThreeOhSix to the underground dining scene.
  • One wine/beverage of the evening is paired with the meal. Guests are also welcome to bring their own.


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July 6th

seven-course dinner (tax included)

$86 / person

4 remaining

PLEASE NOTE: to purchase tickets, we will kindly redirect you to the producer of this experience.

Sat, Jul 6: 7:00pm - 9:00pm about 3 years from now










Suit ThreeOhSix 59 Franklin St. Suite 306, New York, NY
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