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Flavor Tripping Party with a Renowned Culinary Wizard

Discover the secrets of "flavor tripping" during this exclusive miracle berry tasting cocktail party hosted by critically-acclaimed chef, Homaro Cantu.

"Any idea's a great idea as long as it tastes great." Homaro Cantu, Chef, Author, Restaurateur


No, we are not welcoming you to Guy Fieri's "Flavortown," we are inviting you to join us on an exclusive "flavor tripping" experience you will never forget.

Chef Homaro Cantu, famed chef of Chicago's critically-acclaimed Moto and iNG restaurants, is one of the leading pioneers of avant-garde cooking techniques using molecular gastronomy. He is also a proud advocate of the use of miracle berries for reducing the consumption of refined sugar and insists they can even be used to help solve the world's hunger problems.

Miracle berries, originally found in West Africa, have a unique protein called miraculin that temporarily binds to the taste buds and rewires the sensory experience in your brain. The berries are used to make certain foods taste significantly sweeter and more delicious than they would be normally.

Just in time for the New Year's resolution diet craze, Chef Cantu's new book, The Miracle Berry Diet Cookbook, was released on January 1st. Now he is traveling the nation introducing us all to the miracle berry while teaching everyone how it may be used in this unique approach to a healthy diet.

This Sunday, January 13th, Chef Cantu invites you to experience the power of the miracle berry during a cocktail party and tasting event at Fatta Cuckoo. The evening will include a special demonstration, book signing, and an introduction to the unique uses of the berry. Take a flavor trip with Chef Cantu as he leads everyone through a sampling of cocktails and food stations of both savory and sweet delectables, during which guests will discover the delicious sensory effects of the miracle berry. Be prepared, as your taste buds may not know what has hit them once you take a bite out of a lemon slice to find it tastes just like a sweet candy.

Here you can take a look at Chef Cantu's show CookiNG under PRESSURE where he goes across the country to demonstrate the amazing properties of the elusive Miracle Berry.


  • Have your mind blown by the power of the miracle berry.
  • Famed Chef Homaro Cantu will be on-site introducing the history and use of miracle berries.
  • Be the first of your friends to discover and sample one of the most unique and controversial foods.


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Flavor Tripping

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Flavor Tripping Plus Cookbook

cocktail party, food tastings, signed copy of The Miracle Berry Diet Cookbook

$65 / person

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Sun, Jan 13: 7:00pm - 9:30pm over 3 years from now










Fatta Cuckoo 63 Clinton Street, New York, NY
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